Introducing HAUM powered by Blume: the all-new fully connected home, coming to Canada this fall.


HAUM is proud to bring connected living to Canada, powered by Blume.

The ease of living and safety
of a HAUM connected house

Imagine a home where every object is smarter and more connected. A home that performs even the smallest tasks to perfection and knows your family as well as you do, automatically adjusting the climate, the blinds and the television programming to meet your preferences and your habits.

The future is right hereā€¦ at HAUM

Thanks to fingerprint recognition technology, a HAUM toaster grills your toast exactly the way you like it, every single time.

Keys are a thing of the past. HAUM locks open and close at your command, and only your command.

HAUM TV learns your tastes and habits, knowing what you want to watch and when. Built-in sensors can even tell if you fall asleep or are distracted during a show.

Visit our show Haum

Sign up for a chance to experience our prototype Show HAUM, a connected home in the Greater Toronto Area.

On October 13, the doors to the future will be opened as David Martin, Chief Growth Officer of HAUM, will welcome you to our Show HAUM and demonstrate the technology and innovation of a fully connected home.

Thanks for registering. If you are selected, we will contact you before October 1.